Standing on a street corner named desire,
Shivering within from rawness of the wind,
Stolen loss of body heat, I dream of fire
As the bitter chill frosts every body limb;

Hugging my garment tighter, feeling naked,
Night air tantalizing my neck with icy breath,
Exotic embraces become nearly sacred,
Tearing away like sensation of death;

Clouds spewing misty sentiments of rain,
Exhilaration razors as I view the sky,
Brutal exposure causing frenzy of pain,
Scattering of sharp hail flying by;

Rigorous fingers of bitter polar force,
Behave as an amorous lover demanding,
Invading, probing his titillating course,
While on this corner I’m standing.


©Photo by Digital Pimp
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If Only I Hadn’t Written This Post…

Here are some thoughts to embrace about God Winks through the wings of a butterfly. I’m definitely going to have to ponder those thoughts some more about those special memories of being in tune with surroundings and living in the now.

An Upturned Soul




If only I hadn’t written this post then I wouldn’t be where I will be then.

Look at the mess I am about to make, the worst part of it is that I think this is good, a good idea, as I am doing it, more than that I feel excited at the prospects which I envision rippling outwards from this tiny insignificant pebble being thrown into the swirling, turbulent ocean which looks like a placid pond… because I need it to appear that way. If I saw it the way that it actually is, then I wouldn’t do this. Which I shouldn’t do, but I am going to do it anyway, I have to do it, the compulsion is greater than the repulsion. And this isn’t just about me, even if it sometimes appears that way.

Life was so much better before I started living it forwards.

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When a Picture Won’t Tell the Story

I find it somewhat necessary to write about last night’s dinner evening in order to totally absorb it.  The company, food and service were all excellent despite not getting a request fulfilled for a favorite table in a quieter area along with minor distractions.  The room was instead reserved for a pre-wedding event.

I was desirous of catching up on conversation about my friend’s Italy trip among many other things. However, with the waitress interaction and the continual activity of other people meeting, walking by and some stopping to talk, it made it impossible.  Some of my favorite Halloween photos taken at this dining restaurant many years prior were shared because we could pass them around the table. That was about it, besides minor bits of conversation.  The evening became  hustle-bustle, holiday-like or New York-restaurant type of atmosphere.

I guess all in all, the night was not at all what I expected filled with a favorite table, quiet music and a somewhat serene atmosphere.  I had chosen to meet with friends on this Friday evening event because of wanting to take a walk down memory lane and there being blue-grass music entertainment.  The Venice is well-known for its excellent food, family atmosphere and beyond-festive-holiday events such as Halloween and St. Patrick‘s Day.

As I have missed attending this dining spot throughout the years, I now also miss altogether our Mexican restaurant that closed last year, and oh how I miss our Friday night hot spot that closed nearly 4-5 years ago.  The Venice still is going strong after many, many, many years of service.  I hope this to not be a sign of what may be forthcoming.

What best describes the experience is that we are meant for ongoing unexpected experiences for we know the only thing constant  is “change.”  All in all, it was great and we did fill “expected moments with friends” and cola glasses as we look forward to many more gatherings throughout the years.  We know they will be filled with unexpected moments while looking forward to new experiences as well.  It’s very comforting to hold on to the familiar before they become fond memories.

I post a song  by Andrea Bocelli as it appears music and The Venice Restaurant will be the closest to a little piece of Italy that I will come.

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It’s Been a Wonderful Weekend ~ Photos by Suzy (sharing a little chunk of my life.)



It was a wonderful weekend indeed…hotter than the norm. I just never seem to get done with gardening of this and that. We had some rain a couple of nights and believe some of the already heavy sunflowers started blooming more and the trunks shifted in the soil somewhat. 



I just did major surgery on many tall, tall sunflower plants that were sweeping beautifully over the driveway. One day it was okay and then it was overwhelming (smile).


I would have loved to have arranged a couple of bouquets for the neighbors who don’t have my transplants. However, had to put the trimmings in a big water bucket because of it being so “gasping hot” as already have had sun poisoning this summer from being out in the early morning sun.


It was sad but nothing goes to waste because of the finches and other critters who will grab a sunflower and chomp away on it.


Maybe, I’ll go out later with vases and make those arrangements for the neighbors.

Oh and almost didn’t remember to say that my little “Secret Garden” in the middle of the city is certified by American Wildlife.  If you plan to start your own, remember that water is a magnet.

Many blessings!



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Happy August and Have a Rockin’ Month! (Photo by Suzy)


Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of earth are never alone or weary of life. ~ Rachel Carson

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Inspiration ~ poetry and photo by Suzy

~ To awakening to the morning breeze….
watching nature dance in rhythm. . .



Our universe is vibrant
At daybreak with every
Rising of a brilliant sun
Or at dusk as our moon
Romances rushing tides

Connecting with spirit
Breaks all belief bonds,
As each desire of our
Heart manifests from
Laws of attraction

Passionately we unlock
Our soul’s gateway to
Becoming inspired,
Knowing what we
Desire is coming

Believing all things
Have a purpose,
A forceful energy
For our good.

Life is all about rhythm and harmony and being in the right place as directed by the flow of the elements connecting vibrantly to the universe for balance. There isn’t anything like the warmth or coolness of a breeze over water to give life special meaning and where we know without a doubt it’s all meshing together. Often when we can’t be at a place for which we yearn to be, our soul whispers softly and connects to a special point in time with a thought, a picture, a memory or a dream.

© Suzy

Alan Parsons Project ~ A Dream Within a Dream

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Remembering You Mama ~ poetry by Suzy


Remembering You, Mama

With this key, I unlock my heart
Where special memories are stored –
Remembering you, Mama
With sweet aromas of fresh-baked bread

As a favorite song cascades merrily
I dance in rhythm to its beat –
Remembering you, Mama
With golden hours of wondrous times shared

Seeing the keys of a piano dancing
I am often carried away in bliss –
Remembering you, Mama
With melodies of the vibrant Mosquito Waltz

Those funny stories of farm animals
I do so cherish them in glee –
Remembering you, mama
With roars and roars of healing laughter

There are times I wonder if I’m too independent, but
I do so thank you for teaching me to think –
Remembering you, Mama
With and for all the strength you instilled in me

During the month of May
I feel very adventurous and woodsy –
Remembering you, Mama
With every step we take hunting mushrooms

During the summer months
I can still see you surrounded by kids at the lake front –
Remembering you, Mama
With special pride as you taught others how to fillet fish

Your special enthusiasm at Christmas
I shall always tuck tenderly away –
Remembering you, Mama
With special joy in all Seasons of Love

At any time of the year or season
I recall your favorite talent of fixing huge meals –
Remembering you, mama
With delight as food decorates harvest tables

There are so many Thanksgivings
When I still see you labeling your Christmas gifts –
Remembering you, Mama
With awe in how you knew you’d be going Home

With every piece of poetry I write
I thank you for the beautiful farewell poem you left us –
Remembering you, Mama
With knowing you are a whisper away, waiting to meet us someday

© by Suzy



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