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A Hot August Day on the Farm Spirited with a Dumb-Arse Attack

Even though I often see myself as a vision of hope and light, there are times when I have to wonder if the rest of the world has similar dumb-arse attacks like me.  I also find it possible and most … Continue reading

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70% Off ~ Post Valentine’s Day Sale

Not to be a piglet, but I’ll take the whole box. Life is such an adorable box of chocolate labs . . . Photo by ~Tattle Tail Scent Dogs

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Valentine’s Day Nears an End with Dark Breaking News . . . . . . .

What a sad occasion on this Magical Day of Love, February 14th, to have foreboding news arrive via the enchanted forest that Cupid has been seriously injured with an arrow through his head. We will have more details later; but … Continue reading

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When Somebody Loves You Back . . .

Whatever was I thinking when I thought the recent visiting couple to the north side of the city were married? For the past few years our block has been inhabited by a pair of mallard ducks and have so admired … Continue reading

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It’s the Laughter We’ll Remember . . .

As I walked Buddy this evening through a nearby neighborhood, my mind drifted to memories of my youth. I didn‘t recall any of the challenging times but only the good times. In the fluffy memory cloud circling above my head, … Continue reading

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