Does documenting your life online keep you from actually living it?: An excerpt from the new TED Book, Our Virtual Shadow

I had some of these very thoughts recently and put a caption to a comical picture on Facebook with verbiage “Some of us are so old that we can remember going through a whole day without taking a picture.”

I believe it could be called “Experiencing” rather than “documenting” life and being “fully present.”

TED Blog

Our-Virtual-Shadow-cover By Damon Brown

The morning of our wedding, my wife and I only had one major discussion: Should we bring our cell phones? She loved Facebook as much as I loved Twitter, and since we’ve lived and made friends all across the country, the social networks made it easier to stay connected to our loved ones far away. We wanted those who couldn’t make it to the wedding to feel connected, too. But we decided to put the smartphones away. Our decision turned out to be the right one: I can honestly still remember every single moment of the ceremony. I was fully present.

A few months later, my favorite uncle shared some good news: He had pictures — hundreds of pictures — from our wedding day. He’d gotten some gorgeous shots, he said, and he couldn’t wait to send them to us. He also told me that he couldn’t…

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