What Countries are Feared the Most by Other Nations?

I heard something interesting on television the other day and thought I would share the startling concept.  It went something like this:

People of many nations were asked what countries they feared the most?

The answer was hands’ up with many countries fearing Russia because of their “ruthless and powerful ways”; and it is said and I quote: “Decades after the end of the Cold War, Russians are still portrayed as ‘Hollywood’s go-to villains‘. “


Picture depicting hand to hand combat in a bombed out factory in Stalingrad, Soviet Union, Russia

Russian troops again the other day lived up to its “Hollywood portrayal” by aggressively taking over the powerless peninsula of Crimea while in political upheaval.  There is so much propaganda running rampant about this turmoil that it would take a “fact factory” to uncover any veils of truth.  Stay tuned . . . .


Then what was even more intriguing was the fact that America was a country also feared culturally because of its Number One export being that of “pornography.“


Traditional pederastic courtship scene on an Athenian black-figure amphora from the 5th century B.C.

I pondered that thought and came to the conclusion of how ironic could it be that a freedom-based country is manufacturing and exporting by-products imitating the “highs and addictions” of street drugs?  I know personally of lives literally ruined by the addiction to pornography. To make matters worse, these operations are most likely connected to sex slavery and human trafficking?


The last I heard, Los Angeles was the porn capital of the world.

Shocking, indeed, it is to discover that a country based on liberty and justice could have a Number One export based on black-market slavery and legally, film-produced markets not literally classified as art. These markets twist and twine out of control with the internet at an ever-increasing rate, protected by the First Amendment.

It has been pointed out that even though porn out-produces corn in America for export, they both crucially fuel powerful industries.

Isn’t life strange that we live with the decline of countries’ reputations for such alarming reasons?

I can’t help wondering if the price of freedom compared to living under a dictatorship is worth all the power, sex and violence characterized by film industries.

Artist Mar holds a satirical painting depicting U.S. President Barack Obama and Russia's President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine outside the Houses of Parliament in London

Artist Mar holds a satirical painting depicting U.S. President Barack Obama and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine outside the Houses of Parliament in London

I close by asking what truly is the difference between indecency, obscenity and art?


A Priapus figure from Pompeii. Large phalli were considered undesirable for men to possess and often depicted for comic effect in ancient Rome.





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