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Will This Be Winter’s Last Teasing Tango With Spring?

After a thaw in the Midwest, the snow reared its flaky head once more and buried spring.  It has been one of those days where you didn’t know whether to grab the shovel or the camera.  It truly was one … Continue reading

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What to do About My Overnight Guest … any suggestions?

Never did I dream that my next overnight guest would be a starling or grackle. He’s resting in the back bedroom and haven’t heard a peep out of him for over an hour. I took pictures earlier in the day … Continue reading

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What Countries are Feared the Most by Other Nations?

I heard something interesting on television the other day and thought I would share the startling concept.  It went something like this: People of many nations were asked what countries they feared the most? The answer was hands’ up with … Continue reading

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