Please Help Identify Mr. Big Bird . . .

I live in Indiana where we’ve been having an extremely harsh winter.  As a result, I have been feeding small birds at a  bird feeder; however, in the past few weeks this beautiful wild bird has appeared on many occasions.


The only thing I am certain of is that my small birds are his prey and do not recognize this bird to be native of our state.  At first while watching out the window, I thought it was either a rabbit or a cat sitting in the snow.  However, realized quickly that it was a big bird.


My home is near a park in one direction and in another direction, the river where many wild animals such as fox, deer and coyotes roam.  Therefore, it wouldn’t be unusual that a wild bird soaring to an unknown destination might feel comfortable in stopping by to rest and/or hunt for food.  Plus, I always have fresh water setting nearby.


Today the best pictures were taken of Mr. Big Bird. You could not help noticing that his mouth might be watering while watching a squirrel eat sunflower seeds on the tray below the feeder.  It was obvious that he had his eye on the squirrel and not the sunflower seeds.


I would love to feed him something besides one of the birds but what or would it be best that he find his food elsewhere?


Today, the bird feeder was removed and hopefully Mr. Big Bird will move on to his final destination.


The above pictures were all taken through a window except this picture where the camera zoomed in on Mr. Big Bird.  He had soared away when I stepped outside  to prevent an attack on the squirrel.

Any help you can give in identifying this bird, would be appreciated.  I have checked on line and the nearest identity might be a Golden Eagle or a Juvenile Bald Eagle.  Some people thought it to be a red-tailed hawk, but it doesn’t have a red tail.  Another person suggested a Becker Hawk but in checking the beak and other areas,  it is hardly likely.  One of my former neighbors has her heart set on it being a Peregrine Falcon because a few years ago we had one visit our bird feeders. However, the markings and nature of the beak do not match.

Thank you for stopping by!

I am posting this the next day after more research.  It is strongly believed that Mr. Big Bird is a Juvenile Bald Eagle or one and the same as an Immature Bald Eagle…see pictures and specifically Robin Lamb’s photo of the day (I’m waiting to hear from Mr. Lamb):

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