Cheerily, Cheer up, Cheer Up, Cheer Up, Cheerily Cheer Up . . .


Cheer up, Cheer up, because the red, red robins are bob, bob bobbin along with their sweet song.  I Saw two robins today & the weather is still cold on 3-13-13.

It’s still snowing in Indiana and the temperature was 30 degrees today and cooler yesterday with snow and icy roads.  Do these little guys know something we don’t know?   They are so connected to Mother Nature?

Yay. . .spring is on it‘s way.

Is it any wonder that the robin’s song is “Cheerily, Cheer up, Cheer Up, Cheer Up, Cheerily Cheer Up?”

Live, love life and be happy!

I can’t tell you what an uplifting day it has been to see our robin friends and the message they bring.  I am also feeling so connected to nature along with the cheery robins and with a big spring in my step.

We wait with baited breath while Old Man Winter and Mother Nature dance a teasing tango with another tempting taste of spring.

It’s been a nice winter but ready for a change. How about you?

Take a listen to a song by Dean Martin and enjoy . . .


About thorns4roses

I am passionate about animals, poetry, music, photography & writing. It’s great to be alive & part of a world on the cusp of changing for the better. "Learn to Love with all your heart & accept the unlovable sides. For everyone can Love a rose but only a great heart can include the thorns. . . ." Unknown
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2 Responses to Cheerily, Cheer up, Cheer Up, Cheer Up, Cheerily Cheer Up . . .

  1. I feel the same way. I try to lean into all seasons, including winter, but I too am quite ready for spring.

  2. thorns4roses says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on winter. I got the song pattern of the robin from my sister who has an animated book of birds. I couldn’t believe the song could be identifiable to people being so very eager for a change of season after a longer winter rest (smile)!

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