Interesting article and it does make one wonder what is the fine line between walking into a diagnosis and blogging about mental illness to not only help yourself and others? I guess it could be evolving into a person who has accepted themselves and need to move forward more and write about it but definitely not getting lost.

I do read a couple of bloggers who write about their experience and believe they are not only helping themselves but others when they write about their mental challenges. But, one does have to wonder when does it become a press card saying “This is Who I Am?”

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I am passionate about animals, poetry, music, photography & writing. It’s great to be alive & part of a world on the cusp of changing for the better. "Learn to Love with all your heart & accept the unlovable sides. For everyone can Love a rose but only a great heart can include the thorns. . . ." Unknown
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  1. Thorns4roses says:

    Uncertain why a title won’t post this link and my personal thoughts on the article by Les Floyd . . . .

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