How a Meth Dump Nearly Stopped Me From Voting in Important 2010 Primary Election

It became necessary to call EMR 911 on election day due to illegal dumping of two, huge garbage bags in my bin at around 2 p.m. after the city had already picked up trash that particular day. After the illegal dump, my neighbor called to alert me about a mysterious drop in my bin. I too heard the thump in my bin and saw the burgundy SUV speeding south on the main street from our addition.

I pulled one of the black bags out of the garbage bin very gingerly and opened it before the police arrived (how else was I going to know but suspected strongly what had happened.)  Upon opening one of the bags, the fumes were extremely overwhelming and about knocked me to the ground. The meth was still smoking out the top of the trash bags. I was later encouraged to seek medical attention. The work crew eventually blocked and marked off the area with yellow tape during the exorcism.

Someone took a picture of the Narcotics Division in outfits resembling moon suits (hazmat) which were disposed of after sifting through the contaminated drug product.

It took a fire truck, 2 police cars, 3 unmarked cars, a big clean-up truck and more than three hours to sift through the contents of the waste bags and haul crystal meth and containers from the neighborhood.During this time-frame, I couldn’t get to my house and was thinking that voting in the election would be missed as the hours creeped by while the meth was being handled with extreme precaution because of it being explosive/flammable.

Is it possible that someone cooked the meth nearby in the burgundy SUV, dumped it and then took off like bandits thinking they were going to be arrested? As previously mentioned, I saw the vehicle as my 6th sense is engaged nearly 24-7 with living so near to unlawful happenings. I am very thankful for this perception.

The police thought that the illegal dump did not originate from a nearby location. Many officers were in and out of the operation; so, in my opinion, hard to make a snap judgment. I think, however, the meth makers may have been cooking it nearby in the SUV, got scared and dumped it to pick up later. That is, of course, if the containers still contained crystals of the product which I think was the case.

Then later, my neighbor’s son, who lives next door to a cop in another city, phoned and said that the latest thing is to dump processed meth along the side of the road/highway or in an empty trash container, let it finish cooking and then come back for it. My nephews who are police officers also confirmed this newer happening which is probably occurring more frequently because of so many meth labs being busted in rural areas.

I also speculate and again state that the plan of the cookers was to have someone come back for the finished product later. Someone other than the meth cooker could possibly have known it was dumped after Tuesday’s trash pickup and planned to return for it and distribute/sell on the street.

Weird day but aren‘t all election days?

Author’s comments: Methamphetamine is a white, odorless, bitter-tasting crystalline powder that easily dissolves in water or alcohol and is taken orally, intranasally (snorting the powder), by needle injection, or by smoking. Chronic methamphetamine abuse significantly changes how the brain functions and is very dangerous.

Quote from: “Production jobs are flowing across the Mexican-U.S. border and into Indiana. Unfortunately, what’s being produced is methamphetamine.”

 The good news is that the meth cooker was arrested November 22, 2010.  He wasn’t too smart and left a receipt in one of the bags which was traceable for the purchase of many of  the necessary items to cook the meth.  He obviously chose the wrong trash bin in which to make his dump.  He lived in a very nice neighborhood a couple of miles away from my home and just a block from an elementary school which raises the felony charges.  Also, Authorities had been seeking probable cause to arrest him for quite sometime.

 After the dump, I went to some extreme measures to take the dangerous subject matter public, or at least to many neighbors on the north side of the city, but to no avail.  I did just recently hear a broadcast  (months later) on local news of the danger of meth dumping and how common it is becoming ~ I do imagine it came from the State of Indiana and/or County government, since not so affiliated with city politicians seeking re-election.

 Also, we just learned in the month of May, 2011, that a plea bargain was accepted by the offender so a jury trial will not be required.



by Suzy

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Sit comfortably and close your eyes while focusing on your breath. Deepak Chopra said thoughts will interfere but that is normal. He said to continue sitting quietly while focusing on your breath.

Turn your focus to your heart and ask yourself the following question: “What is my highest vision for my health and well-being?” Allow all the images you see in your mind to flow throughout your mind.

Next, ask yourself the question “What is my highest vision for love and relationships in my life?” Again, do not go looking for the answer in your mind. Let the answer naturally come to you in the form of sensations, images and thoughts.

The third question to ask yourself is “What is my highest vision for the realization of my goals and success in life?” Again, let the answer come naturally.

Ask yourself this final question, “How do I get in touch with my higher self, my spirit, so I can be inspired, creative and unleash my imagination to exercise free will?”

Deepak Chopra said this whole process should take about three minutes of your time. Dr. Oz said this simple meditation process can unleash your full potential and help you reduce the stress in your life.

I focus on Jesus’ love and protection while in this state rather than Buddha


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Happy Independence Day . . .

No summer is complete without a celebration of the American spirit under a sky of beautiful fireworks.  Enjoy the day and keep safe . . .


I often jokingly say that I was born in the building featured in the photo by Scott Spaulding as I worked in a law office located in the Lincoln Tower for many years.

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Happy First Day of Spring . . .

Man, you just can’t trust Ole Man Winter. He never gives up!
He danced that famous teasing tango with Lady Spring last night.
Yep, we got some of that white stuff in the Midwest, but not a whole lot . . . .


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Like a Rock . . .


My Rock is a river flowing deeply within my soul giving
strength in all that I do. When I’m weak, He makes me strong
like a rock . . .


Because of You

You are my strength, order and salvation
In a world created by absolute perfection –
Because of you, light and stardust sprinkle,
Stars in our space galaxy lovingly twinkle

You are synergism between heaven and earth,
The gateway to glory by miracle of virgin birth –
Because of you, my life is blessed with increase,
With grace sufficient, blazing pathways to peace

You are finest at performing acts of intercession,
Prayerfully echoed by golden bowls of expression –
Because of you, I sing praises for your blessings,
Forgiveness pardoning sinful ways by confessing

You are the river that flows deeply within my soul,
The key to knowledge helping me strive to be whole –
Because of you…

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Valentine’s Day Nears an End with Dark Breaking News . . . . . . .


What a sad occasion on this Magical Day of Love, February 14th, to have foreboding news arrive via the enchanted forest that Cupid has been seriously injured with an arrow through his head.

We will have more details later; but rumor has it Cupid’s hands were slippery from a 20-pound chocolate heart he had been gnawing on for weeks. It has been reported he had already eaten a butt-load of the heart before his accident.

What a way to end Valentine’s Day!

Stay tuned . . . .


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Hello February With Love

Hello February

“Learn to Love with all your heart & accept the unlovable sides.  For everyone can Love a rose but only a great heart can include the thorns.”  Unknown

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